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In continuation to our previous blog on options to make money online - writing and translation, where we had discussed about one of the easiest ways to make money online, this time we will talk about freelance web designing as another easy option to make money online.

As a web based job, Web designing can really be an easy and instant way to make money online. The rapidly changing technology always brings something new and exciting to learn. So, it can be a great opportunity to showcase your creativity to the whole world while bagging some extra bucks to your pocket. It provides the freedom to plan your work timings and to select the best project matching your expertise with your own desired charges. A web designer takes responsibility of entire design firm, starting with sales, customer service, project management, design layout, web development and programming.

Below are some useful tips to accomplish tasks successfully to be undertaken by a web designer.

• Freelance web designers while working on a project should ensure that they meet their promised deadlines and deliver high quality work.

• To work directly with customers to get a clear picture of the project expectations.

• As a part of a team he should guide, and advise the clients on each step for their website development.

• Clearly provide details and present specifications, storyboards, and design samples to customers.

• Use languages such as hypertext mark-up language, JavaScript, ColdFusion, and others to write web pages.

• Use programs like Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDraw to layout and design pages.

• It is better to specify project budgets to avoid unnecessary confusion while executing the project.

You can choose any of these options to make extra money online. If you are an expert in some other category (Software development/programmer) continue reading my blogs. Give your feedback, suggestion and help me enlighten you on different areas of outsourcing.

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